Sandbanks Arambol

Sandbanks Arambol

Explore the bohemian charm of Arambol, Goa, where golden sands meet a laid-back atmosphere. Revel in eclectic markets, soulful music, and a lively beach scene, creating an enchanting haven for every traveller.

A unique culinary journey

Treat your taste buds with the incredible opportunity to dine by the beach, while you sit back & experience the best of Arambol's dynamic food scene. Feel free to complement your chosen dishes with suitable non-alcoholic / alcoholic beverages, & immerse yourself in truly heavenly flavors. Seek our assistance on combinations that best work together & look-out for our specials! Our fabulous deck is the perfect place to enjoy a Sandbanks signature cocktail and nibblers. Our surround sound is there to bring you all the dancing action on your holiday. We offer live entertainment on select nights, where we hope to see you dance well into the night.

First Floor Layout

Second Floor Layout